Ski and Snowboard Resort, Sapporo Teine

We are a ski resort where you can enjoy powder snow with an elevation of 1023 meters on Mt. Teine, in western Sapporo, Hokkaido.
Forty minutes by car from the center of Sapporo.
Skiers and snowboarders visit from Hokkaido and beyond.
You can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the breathtaking scenery of Mt. Teine.
On the left is Ishikari Bay, in the center is downtown Sapporo with a row of snow-capped mountains behind it, and to the right is the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean bathed in sparkling sunshine.
In 1972, Mt. Teine was the site of the first Winter Olympic Games in Asia (XI Olympic Winter Games). As such, the course layout will more than satisfy visitors of both intermediate and advanced levels.
Sapporo Teine is separated into the Highland Zone and the Olympia Zone, and the Olympic cauldron stands in the Olympia Zone today exactly as it did during the games.
Also, connecting the 2 zones is the Rainbow Course, a super long course with a maximum run length of an amazing 5.4 kilometers from the summit.
In December 2008, the “Summit Express,” a 5 meter per second, 4 person, hooded high-speed lift capable of reaching the summit in about 4 minutes opened, allowing visitors to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in comfort.

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